Slyde Glam Rock

Established in 2000 Slyde is a successful Slade tribute band from the UK which performs all over the world. 

Chosen by the the Slade Fan Club for their historic Slade Conventions. The band has the endorsement of Mr Noddy Holder (Slade's lead singer) and Don Powell (Slade's powerhouse drummer). Don has also kindly performed with us during Slade Fan Club conventions.

We have even performed on Television for the Trisha Christmas Special to an audience of 1.7 million viewers (we do like to live the rock star lifestyle when we can).

Slyde also cover a variety of 70's Glamrock hits to get everyone up on the floor no matter what their age! We are happy to perform at any venue, large or small. Come and see us if you can or book us for a fantastic night of entertainment.

Nobby Boulder

Lead Vocals

Nobby is at the core of the band and one of only a few rock vocalists in the UK who have the power and vocal range to sustain a performance of almost two hours of 70’s rock classics. His appearance and voice often result in him being mistaken for Noddy Holder himself.

Dave Thrill

Lead & Bass Guitar

Dave dresses to impress and reproduces the unmistakable guitar riffs, which set Slade and other Glam rockers apart from many UK artistes of that era. He wields his Super Yob guitar, with the utmost confidence and skill, safe in the knowledge that the crowd will be stomping their feet from the opening bars to the final song.

Dozy Powell